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Customer Support

Shipping & Delivery


We ship anywhere in the world.   

Shipping and Handling:


  • $5.95 Flat Rate up to 5 items

  • Over 5 items at actual postal charges to be determined

  • Tracking Number provided



  • $24.95 Flat Rate to most countries up to 5 items

  • Over 5 items and some countries at actual postal charges to be determined

  • Tracking Number provided

Easy Returns


Refunds are available for the cost of items returned within 10 days of receipt.  Shipping charges will not be refunded and return shipping will be at the expense of the customer.  Items returned after 10 days will generate a credit or an item exchange.

Tracking Your Order


For your convenience a tracking number will be provided for all shipments in the US and world wide.  This number provides the  opportunity to track a package at any given time as well as the estimated delivery date.

Money Back Guarantee


Hi, my name is Diana Anastasio-Parr and as an Artist and a member of this Global Community, my goal is to provide quality pieces of jewelry that will bring a little positive energy and joy to your life.   I create each piece with a "Healing Intention" as well as the infusion of the 528mhz harmonic frequency.  The healing is a 3 fold intention for body, mind and spirit and the 528mhz frequency also know as the "Miracle Frequency" has been used in science labatories to heal DNA. 


Although I cannot garantee healing I can garantee the quality of your piece and if you are not satisfied, you can return the piece within 15 days and receive a full refund.

100% Secure Ordering


Privacy Policy


Your personal information is garanteed and will not be sold or shared with any other site or entity.  None of your information will be retained by this site with the exception and your permission of an email address.  Your email will be used strictly for periodic coupons and/or advising customers of the next festival location where Vibration Creations will have a booth.   I also garantee that you will not be recieving a daily or even weekly email from us.  We are hoping to put out specials monthly and you can opt out anytime you wish.

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